Exporting H.264 to TVpaint from Final Cut Pro

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Exporting H.264 to TVpaint from Final Cut Pro

Post by Connla » 07 May 2015, 13:46

OS: Yosemite MAC OS 10.10.2 + Windows 7 64 bit

software TVPAINT 11 professional

Firstly apologies, I'm not an animator, I'm the assistant Editor on a production, so I'm not as well versed in animation processes as one may be.

That aside I'm exporting video and audio files for our animators to have in tvpaint during production and its just outright refusing to take the standard quicktime h.264 I produce.

At the moment to deliver I have to make a quicktime h.264 file, then using a seperate program convert it to AVI and then the animator can import it.

when I make an AVI in final cut pro it doesnt work or any other selection of formats I can make via compressor or final cut pro.

It'll only take AVI.

And now there may be even problems with those as the animator is reporting that he can only seem to import a max of 101 frames.

Any advice on what either me or the animator (he's also new to tvpaint) could be doing wrong in this process?

Thank you

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