Printing one frame at 200% scale (solved)

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Printing one frame at 200% scale (solved)

Post by oellen » 16 Sep 2015, 16:44

I would like to print a single frame at 200% scale. I don't have any trouble printing it at 100%, but it won't let me print at 200%. I can go to "configure printer" and put in 200%, but it makes no difference in the print out, still prints at 100%. When I click on the menu item "Print" and the little pop up box comes up, there is also a place for scale. It will let me scale down, but not up.
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Re: Printing one frame at 200% scale

Post by Paul Fierlinger » 16 Sep 2015, 16:53

You need to first expand your frame by 200% in TVP, using the Project>Modify Project panel.
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