'Darken Only' & 'Light Only' Brush Setting Bug On Custom?

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'Darken Only' & 'Light Only' Brush Setting Bug On Custom?

Post by TheQuestionMark » 16 Mar 2016, 19:29

Most Important:

There's seem to be bug I think. When you use 'Darken Only'+'Lighten Only' for Custom Brush, the transparency doesn't seem to pick up and leaves square botches on your custom brush. When you use brush other setting it seems to work fine with transparency, but not the last two(now four). I tried clicking optimize it still doesn't work.

Last Priority:

Also if you try set in the hotkey for 'Darken Only' it doesn't seem to be working as well. But if you set it the hotkey to 'Lighten Only' nothing happens. But if set the 'Darken Only' the shortkey sets it to 'Lighten Only'. I think the hotkey is 'scrambled'?? due to the brush 'Overlay' Mode. And seems to be off by one. When you set the hotkey to 'Overlay' Mode it goes to 'Burn' Mode. I also think the offset from shortkey on drawing mode, is the reason why it seem like it created the 'transparency bug' for 'Dodge, Burn, Darken Only, and Lighten Only' on Custom Brush.
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