Copy Paste Panel (updated)

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Copy Paste Panel (updated)

Post by Svengali » 22 Sep 2014, 19:10

Two buttons which can be assigned to shortcut keys - Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (multipaste)... or any other handy pair of shortcut keys.

What they do:

ZCopy = Copies the selected frames onto the image stack.

MultiZPaste = Inserts the images from the image stack starting where the layer cursor is placed... OVERWRITING the existing images with those copied from the image stack... finally it converts the frame AFTER the last pasted frame to an instance of the image already there (if the original was an exposure). Copied frames may be pasted multiple times.

Important: This pair of buttons ONLY WORK TOGETHER since they depend on the image stack.

For more about how these are different from the usual copy and paste, see David Fine's post over >> HERE <<.

I've tested a bit, but please post any problems... (if you try on a Mac - and doesn't work) Thanks.

NOTE: Updated 10/15/14 -Cut/Paste Frame Buttons now work as expected.

Feedback welcome. Thanks

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