Multiplane Wizard defaults

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Multiplane Wizard defaults

Post by David_Fine » 20 Nov 2014, 02:02

Maybe I'm the only one who uses multiplane this way, but I do not want TVPaint to give the layers depth by resizing them. I draw them the size I want and then when I zoom in, I move and zoom the layers to create the multiplane effect. The wizard is handy for entering all the layers in the project, but it defaults to giving all the layers different zoom positions. I then have to go through every layer and delete and set to zero, which is tedious when you have a lot of layers. Why not have a button that quickly sets them all to zero? I would like that.

Another thing. It took me a bit to figure out that layers in multiplane do not in any way respect the layering in the project. It would be good if another default option was that it sets the layers up ordered so that bottom is on bottom and top is on top. That is, setting it so that the bottom most is 0 and the next one is set to 1 and so on, so that you don't have layers hidden behind other layers that are not meant to be. Hope that makes sense, but it was an "aha!" moment when I came to understand that multiplane does not care how the layers are ordered in your project.

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