Eraser again ... quick swap

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Eraser again ... quick swap

Post by schwarzgrau » 12 Feb 2015, 00:17

I'm forced to use a pretty old bamboo for some days. The settings of this bamboo got no ERASE mode, I can only use shortcuts on and different "clicks" on the buttons.
Time for me to reread all the eraser discussions and it seemed to me there is still no really satisfying setup. But maybe I'm just doing it the wrong way!
These are the two setups, which are usually used, as far as I know:
  • Set the pen rocker in the Wacom preferences to ERASE. In TVPaint press the rocker, so you "digitally" swap your stylus tip. Now while pressing the rocker choose an eraser. After that you can press the rocker to erase and release it to draw again. (This is what I usually use on the cintiq)
    DOWNSIDE : The first thing you have to do every time you open TVPaint is pressing the rocker and choosing the eraser. It's not that bad, but not perfect.
  • Set the pen rocker to any keyboard shortcut, G for example. In TVPaint set SWAP STYLUS TIPS to G. I guess now every time you press G you should swap between the current brush and your last brush, but as I used G nothing happened at all.
    DOWNSIDE : You have to define your brush and your eraser and have to be careful not to choose something else in between
It would be great if you could just start TVPaint and start drawing and erasing, so I thought maybe one of this possibilities could maybe implemented:
  • Something like a "quick swap" function. For example you set your eraser in TVPaint to G. If you press G you get your eraser, but if you keep holding G TVPaint knows you want to quick swap it and chooses your last used tool for you if you release G. So you could draw, hold G (or your rocker with G on it) erase something and release G to draw again. That could be a handy function for a lot of tools I guess.
  • Or maybe TVPaint could remember your last used brush and "second brush" settings, so you don't have to choose the eraser every time.
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