Global inverse stencil

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Global inverse stencil

Post by Peter Wassink » 04 Jun 2015, 15:18

you can inverse stencils individually

multiple layers with active stencils (positive or negative) can add or subtract from each other to achieve a combined stencil area.

how ever... only half of all possible results can be achieved using the stencil switches this way.

i ask for a global switch to invert the added result of the individually activated stencil layers.
that way we can skip the step of creating a mask layer using multiple stencils and then activate a stencil on that.

the option could be added to the stencil RMB menu
also the current stencil menu is lacking in options

the option invert stencils does not work very logicly
instead of inverting activated stencils it switches stencils off on layers that had one activated and activates the stencil on all other layers.
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