Brush History Matrix george access

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Brush History Matrix george access

Post by Gravin » 26 Sep 2015, 23:53

Having recently upgraded from version 9 to version 11 I'm finding lots of nifty new features that are making most of my workarounds obsolete. One thing I wouldn't mind having more control over is the brush history matrix. The get last brush keyboard shortcut is great for switching between two similar tools but the fact that I can't make any changes to the current brush without breaking the switching relationship between two tools is frustrating. I was curious if it was possible to interact with the brush history matrix through george? If so I haven't been able to find any documentation on this. If not I'd like to be able to query the brush history by the name of the brush as it's called by the UI "the button name" and recall a brush from the history stack by index. Basically I'd like to check to see if the "last" brush is the same name as the current brush after a size/opacity/etc etc change and if so continue to work back through the history until a brush with a different name "button name" is found. Even if the information stored in the matrix doesn't include the name of the brush as it is stored in the ui "the button name" I wouldn't mind having some level of control over the brush history through george.

As always, if I'm missing something please forgive my ignorance and kindly point me in the right direction. :?

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