New Feature HUGE-'RealTime Captures Display'on TVP as of OBS

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New Feature HUGE-'RealTime Captures Display'on TVP as of OBS

Post by TheQuestionMark » 04 Dec 2015, 21:31

I thought of a brand new idea/feature, I think and it's pretty huge. If TVPaint can was thinking if it screen capture. It's doesn't screen capture a single image. But it captures bit like streaming software. You know the Software like OBS." onclick=";return false; .

TVPaint screen captures like OBS when it Screen Captures it can be streams on your TVPaint project in real-time as an overlay. I think really helpful. For Example:

When you start up TVPaint a project. You do a drawing and certain things set up. You now load up a 3D program. Use TVPaint 'Real Time Capture' and capture 3D program, it displays on your TVPaint Project in real-time or 'certain FPS in real-time' depending the strength of your computer. And you can puzzle in your 3D program and your TVPaint to make your project work. The 'Real Time Capture Display' is a bit OBS-ish?. I think it would be in "Windows -> Display Capture"? And you can modify the settings or do controls from there. For me 'Real Time Capture' is to be mostly puzzling things together. But for people who more creative they can make full use of it.

The capture does not record or store in your harddrive like OBS. But if you do find something you like, on Real-Time Captures you can freeze it and can imprint into your TVPaint Project. Single Image as the start. And Maybe Time Frame later on? Time-Frame Control, 3 Second Burst(for the people who very cautious about their HD space) or Continuously.

Another Crazy Example. You got Wireless Video Camera and Video Program, you can go outside can capture. You can ask someone go outside for you capture things all around, 'Real Time Captures displays your TVProject and you can draw over them! Test render scenes everywhere you go! Here's a link of the concept I'm thinking of" onclick=";return false; . But a bit more 2D ^^;, if TVPaint have Real-Time Captures, I think PERRY STREET would have a easier time. I think TVPaint will be used on all the college/university campus course because all the fun adventure they can go through with this feature!
I think there maybe something that make real videos look 2D, more anime, or painter-ish, I don't...maybe TVPaint can create a FX to that later on? I'm really curious how things work and look when camera drones flies!
You maybe able to do this alone as well! Can a super strong tablet be able handle it, as you to go outside control your flying drone, 'Real Time Cap' with TVPaint and you draw start test drawing to see if the scenes work! It seems so fun and very exciting!

Another example. Is that Clip Paint has Tool that when you load 3D, you can use the effect tool where your 3D can turn into line drawings. So when you got everything set up on Clip Paint. You then startup TVPaint Real-Time-Capture on Clip Paint and then imprint it on the TVPaint Project. And get done with background quick.

I don't think ???? it's hard programming something like OBS on into TVPaint, is it? The program of OBS is only 6.8 MB, don't think coding would be long or complicated is it into TVPaint?

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I did see this Video though made by TVPaint. But.....
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