"As Luck Would Have It" - Official music video

Show us your drawings and animation made with the TVPaint technology here !
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"As Luck Would Have It" - Official music video

Post by Léo » 10 Jul 2014, 12:07

Tom Rosenthal | "As Luck Would Have It" - Official music video
by Daniela Sherer

Interview of Daniela Sherer from DeZeen Magazine:
Working with a 2D animation software called TVPaint over the space of a few months, Sherer drew the film using a Cintiq tablet. "It's basically traditional animation drawn digitally," she said.

•Some explanations given in the Vimeo comments:
I drew it all right into TVPaint (it's an animation software). Frame by frame. So, traditionally animated, but digitally on my cintiq. :)
I have a Cintiq, but just haven't gotten into the flow with it. TVPaint may be just thing I need.
I really enjoy working with those tools.
Léo Fernandez

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