Media Manager support with CB Paint 2

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Paris Fox
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Media Manager support with CB Paint 2

Post by Paris Fox » 02 Nov 2008, 17:32

Hi TV Paint Team,

I would really like to use my CB Paint 2 with the new Media Manager in the Bogart SE 2 software. This would mean I could IMPORT and EXPORT any format be it Video or Still image to and from CB Paint 2. I would like to be able to store my Animbrushes and Manipulated Stills that I create in CB Paint 2 to the Media Manager. This way I would not have to store it all in the CB Paint 2 bins but rather in the Archives of the Casablanca software.

Please allow us the FREEDOM to move our CB Paint creations, whatever they may be to the ARCHIVE/MEDIA MANAGER of the Bogart SE OS.

Thank you for listening. This request would be a huge help and would provide truly limitless possibilities for us Hard Core CB Paint users.

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