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Interview of Jérémy Macedo and Nuno Alves-Rodrigues - January 2011

TVPaint Développement thanks Jérémy Macedo and Nuno Alves-Rodrigues for accepting this interview. Ex-student at “Les Gobelins – L'école de l'Image” and works respectively on the short movies “Jean-Luc” and “Le Royaume”.
Discover now their point of view on the TVPaint technology and their workflow at one of the most famous French animation school.

1st part : Presentation of the filmmakers and their projects

2nd part : The using of TVPaint Animation at “Les Gobelins – l'école de l'Image”

3rd part : Future projects and advises for the students



Just arrived in a wood, a king wants a beaver to build him a castle.


Jean-Luc has an epileptic fit, will doctor Gordon succeed to bring him back to life ?