Create wonderful illustrations with TVPaint Animation !

TVPaint Animation not just for making images move ! TVPaint's animation functionality has been built around a powerful painting engine that has been developed and improved since 1991. You can use its drawing tools for preliminary sketches, background paintings, or simply make great illustrations.

Possibilites with drawing tools are unlimited with the custom brushes system ! You can use a graphics tablet to control the size, opacity, angle, jitter and smearing of your brushes in real-time. TVPaint's unique brush-cutting system also allows you to create animated brushes out of sequences of images. Texturize your brushstrokes with TVPaint's "Papers" to simulate drawing on rough or bumpy surfaces with watercolor, gouache, chalk, crayon... You can even create your own papers from photos and other images. Your imagination is your only limit to your creativity !

Manage Layers

Nature - Olivier Michon TVPaint Animation has a simple and efficient layers' management.

You can label and tag your layers with colors to make it easier to sort through the elements of your illustrations. Modify the opacity of individual layers and composite them with blending modes, like "Screen", "Multiply", "Lighten" or "Burn" (more than 25 blending modes are available). You can also use any layer as a stencil/mask to constrain modifications on other layers without changing the original, too!

Of course, you can add as many layers as you want without limits !

Additional features

Rain Forest - Mark Chong TVPaint Animation's abundance of useful features makes drawing a joy !

Numerous drawing modes (such as "Erase", "Color", "Lighten", "Tint"...) can be used to enhance every brush stroke. The "Healing tool" mode can be used to apply quick touch-ups to photographs or images. The "Smear stamp" mode of the Custom Brush, makes your brush mix and blend with existing paint on the canvas realistically! And the "Smear Source" mode will be your best ally to turn a photograph in a painted or scribbled portrait.

Other parameters, like "Projection" will allow you to create splatter brushes. The results are really nice and will give to your backgrounds and characters an unique rendering.

Use custom panels to save all your favorite custom brushes and functions, or export them to share them with other TVPaint Animation users!
Your custom panels can be even embedded in your TVPaint project, in order to be sure you will always use the good tools on your illustration.

Stylize your illustrations with effects such as: "Glow", "Borders", various Blurring filters, "Toon Shading", "Shadow"...
You can also rotate the view to make drawing more comfortable, and TVPaint's built-in "Line smoothing" settings will be indispensable for inking your illustrations. Finally, you can record the making of your art with the "Drawing recorder" for video tutorials and demo-reels.

Which version is right for me ?

Jessica - Kayode Hermann TVPaint Animation Standard Edition will satisfy your needs with drawing tools and stylized effects, but with TVPaint Animation Professional Edition, you can enhance your art even further with layer blending modes and the healing tool.

We also recommend the TVPaint Animation Creation Pack, which is the painter/illustrator's best friend. TVPaint Animation Creation Pack is an add-on that contains over a hundred custom brushes and paper presets.