How to create libraries of functions and procedures.

We have just seen in the last chapter that it was possible to create your own George functions and procedures.
This may be taken even further as you can store your functions and procedures in ".grg" files and you can re-use them in other scripts written in George. In other words, you can create your own libraries.

To insert one of your libraries in a George Script, you only have to write the following line in your script :

#Include "MyLibrary.grg"

The instruction #Include will search the file called MyLibrary.grg in the directory containing the current George Script or in the root directory of TVPaint Animation.
The following line allows you to specify a more precise access path, from the base directory :

#Include "MyFolderOfLibraries/MyLibrary.grg"

Please read the Initialization File section in the appendix of this user-manual if you want to change the root directory of TVP Animation.