Instructions and Commands

George needs classical instruction to structure the scripts: tests, loops, computation, conditional events, etc… For a better readability, all the instructions will be written in green in this manual.

For example :
If, Else, End, For, Do, Until, While, … for conditionals tests
Cos, Sin, Tan, Rnd, … for computations

You can also call in your scripts TVPaint Animation commands, which call specific tools of the software.

They can be differentiated from the classical George instruction because they all begin with the tv_ prefix. (They will be written in blue color)
For instance :
* The command tv_LayerCreate allows you to create a new layer.
* The command tv_SaveBrushAnim saves the current brush on the hard drive.
* It is possible to change the colors of the bin tab thanks to the tv_SetPalette command
* Etc… (You will find in appendix the complete instruction and command listings of the George Language.)

All TVPaint Animation commands need their own arguments and return some values as answer.
For example, the tv_LayerCreate command needs a name for the layer that you want to create.
This command returns some information regarding your layer: opacity, number of pictures, place of the timeline,… So you can reuse or modify them.

It would be too long to enumerate here the arguments and the return values of each George command. All those parameters are fully explained in the developper kit (SDK) of TVPaint Animation. The SDK is available on demand through our contact form

Make sure to differentiate George instructions (which often start with a sharp : #) and George commands for TVP Animation (which always start with the tv_ prefix).
The commands act on the software itself and on your current display whereas George instructions are used to write the structure of the program (conditionals, computations, loops, ...)

Since approximatively 10 years, all the softwares using the TVPaint technology offers a scripting language.
Here are some informations regarding the compatibility between those scripting language : If you upgraded to TVP Animation, your old scripts should still work.
However, some recent commands (for instance: tv_AddBookmarks) are not available in older products using the TVPaint Technology. (Aura, Mirage,…)