The operators at your disposal

Arithmetic OperatorsExamples
-negative18 -> -18

Logic OperatorsExamples

Related OperatorsExamples
==equalx==6 , x==x+2
!=not equal tox!=5 , x!y-3
>greater thanx>4 , x>y-z
>=greater or equal thanx>=3 , x>=z+/y
<less thanx<8 , x<-y
<=less or equal thanx<=7 , x<=x+5

* The "=" operator is an assignment operator and allows to assign a given value to the variable of your choice. For example :


* The "==" operator is an comparison operator between two variables, usually used during conditional tests. For example :

if a==5

* The comparison operator is not appropriate if want to know if two non numerical variables are equal. For this, you need to use the instruction cmp, as shown in the clock.grg script above :

if cmp(command,"Circle")==0