The TVPaint Animation Plug-in developpement

As explained before, George is not the only program that can send commands to TVPaint Animation.
Any other program could theoretically do so. Examples using an Excel script, a C program or other languages are certainly conceivable.

Besides, it is possible for experienced users or third-party companies to create Plug-ins that can be used with TVPaint Animation.

Those Plug-ins allows you to add customized tools to the software like effects on pictures, new drawing modes, new tools or new functions.

The Plug-in may be in the ".dll" (Dynamic Link Library) file format, which can be obtained thanks to a compiler. ".dll" files are not readable in a text editor, unlike the classical George Scripts.

For more details about this subject, please visit the TVPaint Developpement forum. You can also ask us the development kit (also called SDK) by contacting us

This kit contains source codes for interface functions, documentation and some detailed plug-in examples.