The WaveForm plug-in

Generally speaking, an oscilloscope is an electrical equipment which allows you to monitor and measure periodic signal voltages. If it is calibrated in order to receive video signals, it is also called WaveForm monitor.

In the audiovisual environment, they are often used to check if the transmitted video signal has its characteristics in conformity with the applicable broadcasting rules.

Our WaveForm Plug-in allows the audiovisual professionals to use their classical tools.
Thanks to this Plug-in, it is now easy to check the integrity of a signal, manage calibration and colorimetric adjustments, control the validity of numerical signals, ...
The popup menu allows you either to select :
* A Composite WaveForm monitor
* A VectorScope
* A Component WaveForm monitor

The monitors at you disposal in this WaveForm Plug-in act as if all layers of the current picture where merged.

Here are some options relative to the different displays at your disposal :
* The Composite WaveForm monitor can use luminance and/or chrominance signal(s).
* The VectorScope can use two calibration sets : 75 % and 100 %
* The Component WaveForm monitor can use the R,G,B or Y,U,V systems.

Let's now explain the other options :
* It is possible to set the luminosity of the display thanks to a mini-slider.
* The reticule button allows to show or hide the different axis and channels.
* If the transparency button is checked, the black background will not appear when using the apply button.
* The apply button allows you to copy on the current image the results obtained in the WaveForm Plug-in panel.