Add images

In the Working with instances chapter, we learned how to add images by using the Sprocket or the instance's Tail.

But there are other ways to add new images.

• With the Image > Exposure > Add Exposure option, it's possible to add a new exposure in the current instance.


Add exposure

• You can also grab the instance's little grey strip and stretch it to any number of images you want ( 5 for example). Releasing the click makes the Increase layer length window appear, as for the instances that we saw earlier.

Click on Repeat, then on Apply. The 5 images (it can be more, or less, depending on your choice) will be created.

If you click on Empty exposures, then on Apply, a new empty instance will be created, made of 4 images (it can be more, or less, depending on your choice).

Other options to Insert, Duplicate, Delete etc instances and images will be explained in the lesson 05 about the Animator Panel.