Erase the content of a Layer

This may be done with the button on the main panel for all images one after the other, but this may be too time-consuming when working on long animated sequences.
The trick is to select all images of the Layer using the option Select all in the contextual menu (keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+A]).

Your Timeline must be displayed as shown below: a light green rectangle is present on the selected images.

If the Auto break instance option is activated when using the button, the content of all of the selected images will be erased, and will be replaced by empty instances.

If the Auto break instance option isn't activated, then the selected images will only be erased, and not replaced by empty instances.

You are free to redo an animation
If you use the erase button on only some cells and/or instances, each cell turns into an empty single instance.

Different selection methods will be explained later in this lesson and in lesson 5.

Don't mix up the keys.
As we are going to see in the next chapter, if you use the [Del] (or the Delete selected images in the contextual menu) key on the selected instances, they will be destroyed.
If you selected all of the instances, the entire layer will be destroyed (except if you only have one layer).
You will then go back the default configuration : an empty layer with an empty instance.