Shrink an Animation Layer

The left gray tab (encircled in red in the example below) will also allow you to reduce the number of images in a layer by using a click and slide to the left. The panel below will appear :

The example below gives you an idea of the effects produced by the various options.

The original layer which will be contracted in time.

Move the tab to the left.

Option Shrink without interpolation.

Option Shrink with interpolation.

Option Cut Images

With interpolation, the numbers « 1,2,3 » are mixed in the same image, the numbers « 4,5,6 » in the next, then « 7,8,9 » etc …
Without interpolation, the intermediary images between images 1, 4, 7 and 10 are deleted.
(GIF animé par la suite)

It is possible to Shrink a layer to the right by repeating the operation described above with the left tab.

If there are several identical images in your layer (or nearly identical), you can reduce the number of instances with the option Recompute Exposure in the main menu Image.
This option will transform the images of the current layer into heads or exposures cells.

The Recompute Exposure with Threshold option will be explained in another lesson.