Everybody knows how a film is projected in a movie theater: a film roll is placed in front of a powerful projector, enabling display of the pictures on a screen located a few meters away.

The images are projected at such speed that they give the illusion of movement to the spectator. TVPaint Animation works with the same principle: it is possible to create your own virtual film rolls and project them onto your television screen.

In TVPaint Animation we refer to this roll as: Animation Layers, and these images (the drawings you will create), we will name them instances*.

These two notions are primordial : creating instances and layers, give rythm to them and superimpose in the Timeline is what will help you create your movies.

We will address the basics of these two concepts in this lesson, then we will go further in our explanations on tradigital animation with TVPaint Animation in lessons 4 and 5.

* The notion of "instance" will be explained later in this lesson.

This lesson will make use of the John project.