Navigate among instances

Several options make the way to navigate between the different parts of the instances easier.

You can also use the 6 buttons to the right of the remote in the workspace.

* Pour naviguer parmi les images, vous pouvez utiliser aussi ces boutons

* To navigate between several instances, it is possible to use:

- these buttons

- or the shortcuts on your keyboard

[Ctrl + left arrow] = to go to previous instance
[Ctrl + right arrow] = go to next instance

Original position

Go to Previous Instance

Go to Next Instance

* The layer's beginning or end are also easily accessible with :

- these buttons

- or the shortcuts on your keyboard [ã] (also called [Home]) and [End]

Original position

Go to beginning

Go to end

Some options are also available in the Image > Exposure menu.

You can even see the shorcuts next to the first two actions.

You can also use the [Ctrl+Left] and [Ctrl+Right] ([Cmd+Left] and [Cmd+Right] on macOS) shortcuts to go to the previous and next instance respectively. Another option will allow you to flip your animation backwards or forwards, as we’ll see in lesson 05.