Select the images in an Animation Layer

We previously learned that it is possible to select all of the images with the Select all ([Ctrl+A] key) option of the contextual menu. It is also possible to do so by double clicking under the Timeline icons.

All of the instances and cells of the layer will then be selected, with the bright green area which slightly opaques the selected images.

It is also possible to select images by click-and-drag from the first image to the last one (or from the last one to the first one).

With click-and-drag, it is also possible to select several successives images of a layer without selecting all of its content.

These partial selections will be useful to apply a modification on a portion of the layer, and not its entirety.

You can also use the [Maj] and [Ctrl] keys and hold them to select images of the layer, totally or partially.

These kind of selections only work on successive images.