Animation Layers temporal move

We saw in the Current Layer part that we can use the [↑] and [↓] keys to navigate from one layer to another. We also learned how to flip layers.

But this is not all: Animation Layers may also be moved in time.

Now click on any image of the layer and slide the mouse to the right before releasing the button. You have now moved your layer in time. Do the same with another layer.

In the screenshot below, the first layer will only be shown starting from the tenth image of the animation and the second layer starting from the first image.

This movement is only possible if the Lock position ( ) is deactivated in the Timeline.

This function is also accessible in the Layer main menu or in the contextual menu.

In the example belown by combining the last two learned functions, we can see that the two layers in the middle have been simultaneously moved, whereas the first one and the last one, while selected, haven't moved because their position was locked.