The advantage of working with several Layers

Once this new layer has been created, draw a blue rectangle at the center of the new layer's image with the Filled Rectangle shape, in Color mode (Smooth : 0.00, Opacity: 100%). You can also use the Gradient option as we saw in lesson 2 and use two shades of blue.
At first sight, the rectangle seems to cover part of the character. But in reality, this is not the case...

When looking at the thumbnails in the Timeline, we see that the rectangle and the character are on two different layers.

We have thus overlaid two layers on our white background, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Rectangle Layer

Character Layer

White background

The rectangle therefore does not delete the character. If you use the same tool in Erase mode on the same rectangle, you will note that the character will reappear!

There are several ways to mix the colors of overlaid layers. We will see the basic ways further in this lesson, and all the other ways in the next lessons.

You can also improve the aspect of the window by adding an opacity when creating the gradient, or reflections.