The current Layer

When there are several layers, how do I know where I am drawing? How to spot the current layer? The current layer is symbolized by a clearer gray color than the other layers.

When you draw in the workspace, the modifications are only applied to this layer. The dark gray layers remain unchanged, independent of their position. To change the current layer you can:
* Use the [↑] and [↓] arrow keys on your keyboard.
* Click on the layer of your choice in the Timeline on the left side of the vertical slider.

Another tip consists in using the [,] shortcut to select the layer. This button will help you find your layer when there is many of them.
Press the [,] key (the cursor changes into an arrow with a question-mark).
Position the new cursor over the project window, and when it is over a pixel belonging to the layer you wish to retrieve, simply click with your left button. If there is only one layer (through all the layers with colors) at this position, the layer will be automatically selected. If there are several layers with colors at this position, then choose the layer you wish to select using the popup menu.

When the menu appears, there is a preview near the name of the layer to make the choice of the wanted layer easier.