Flip Layers

We will now learn how to flip layers.
After having created two new layers, we can move them to the right place to draw some background elements (living room and window for example) on the background for one, and on the foreground for the other.

This is how it is done: hold click on one of the layers named personnage, on its title or a zone without any buttons or options, then move your cursor to the bottom of the Timeline, under the window's layer. You will notice a thin green line that shows the future location of the layer you are currently moving. Release the mouse's button. The personnage layer is now under the window's one.

Before flipAfter flipNo flip (merge)

Layout of the layers after flipping

When trying to flip two layers, a frequent mistake is to move one layer on top of another. This is the process of merging two layers (which will be described in detail later in this manual). The case being, click on Cancel in the merge options window to return to the original layer arrangement.

The Undo option in the main menu may be used to undo the modifications made to the Project as well as for those applied to the Timeline.