Splitting an Instance into two smaller Instances

Once an exposure cell is modified, the current instance is broken into two smaller instances.
For example (opposite), our instance contain the letter “A”. Modifying the third exposure cell by deleting the letter “A” and drawing the letter “B” will create two different instances, the first one containing the letter “A”, the second containing the letter “B”.
We will then see the following images when playing the sequence: A A B B.

This action is possible because one button is active by default in the Timeline ( ) : Auto break Instance.

When it is not checked ( ), the exposure cell which is modified, won't create a new instance. The new image will be copied in the head of the instance

It is also possible to force the splitting of an instance. Place the current image at the position you want to split the instance, and select the Image > Instances > Break Instance option.

As an alternative, you can also make the current image the instance you want to split, right click on it and select the Exposure > Break Instance option.