The actions at your disposal

Several possibilities are available if you decide to create an action. You can :

* Set KeyStroke : select a shortcut in the numerous program functions.
* Set Plug-ins allows you to place a button to fast-start plug-ins. (they will be introduced and explained in the lesson 21).
* Tool Bar allows you to create dependencies between your panels, i.e. you may display secondary panels from the main panel, for example.

* Remove the current command.
* Insert a new command (only appears after a command has already been created).
* Select a script command (for example : TV_Circle, etc ...)
* Grab the A color, B color or the current tool.
* It is possible to Grab the Light Table.
* Set a George Script.
* You may call up a George automation script.
* The Tool Grabber menu offers several actions. You can grab the current tool without the selected colors or the tool as well as the A, B or A&B colors. You can also choose to save the A or B colors only (and giving them a name or not) or both colors (and giving them a name or not).
* Select a KeyStroke, call a plug-in and open a Tool Bar.

George Scripts and commands will be discussed further in lesson 21.