Adding an action

We have seen how to create a custom panel and how to save brushes and colors inside. However, custom panels may also contain actions such as functions, scripts, etc... Their icons and information may be changed also.

Adding an action is done using the option Add Action :
* Using the first two text fields you may define a name and in-line help comment for your future customized function .
* The buttons and menus List, Tool and A color allow you to choose the icon corresponding to the action you will create.

Opposite you find the list of icons supplied with TVPaint Animation.

To create a new icon, you simply have to create a brush with its image and select the Tool button.

* The numbered lines are the actions to be carried out one after the other when you click on the icon corresponding to your function.

Above you find the example of an action which selects all images of the current layer, flips them and copies them all to a new layer.