How to manage the panels

Now we will look at the options proposed in the panels themselves. In the sub-menu shown below, which is accessible with a right click in an empty area in your custom panel, you may :

* Rename the current custom panel.
* Show icon only (without text).
* Delete the current panel.
* Duplicate the entire panel.
* Export as a TVPX file.
* Send to somebody connected on your network (see lesson 05)
* Embedded in project your custom panel, so it will open automatically with your project.

A custom panel can be now tagged as Editable or not.
In a non-editable panel, all options which modify the panel, are not available anymore : Rename, Select action buttons with the cursor, Cut, Copy, Paste, Add Action, ...

In the second sub-menu you may :

* Create a New custom panel (you may create an unlimited number), embedded to your project or not.
* Load a new custom panel from its .bin file.
* View the name of the custom panels visible on the screen.