How to use the TVPX format

Now it is possible to export a Custom Panel as a TVPX file. This format makes easier the way to share all your creation inside a Custom Panel. All the brushes, plugins, scripts, ... inside the Custom Panel will be compacted into one simple TVPX file.

Once your Custom Panel is finished, right-click on it and choose the option This Panel > Export As TVPX...

A panel will appear to set some options of the exported file.

* The first field is an unique name used during the export. It has an internal use in the TVPX file.
* The Name field’s value will be displayed during the installation of the TVPX file. By default, it will correspond to your Custom Panel’s name.
* The Splash Screen image will be displayed during the installation of the TVPX file. The options available are:
- None : No image will be displayed.
- Current Image : It is the current image of the project which will be used.
- Custom Brush : The current image of the custom brush
- Grab Custom Panel : Use the preview of the custom panel to get the image.

* The license field asks a text file to display the license during the installation.
* The author's name of the TVPX file, and a copyright.
* And finally, the location to save the TVPX file.

All these options will be used during the installation of the TVPX file. So how to install a TVPX file ? ... just drag'n drop the file over the TVPaint Animation window.

A window will then appears to present the TVPX file (with the license, author name, copyright, ...), click on the Next button to access the second window.

In this second window, it is possible to see which custom panels are available for installation, click on OK, the custom panel will install.