Cutting options

Several cut brush tools are available in the Main Panel to ease brush cutting : Rectangle (by default), Polygon, Freehand and Magic wand

If you select one of the four icons in the main panel, the Cut Brush panel appears in place of the tool panel.

You may:

* Create a brush by deleting at the same time the area in which it is located on the screen (Cut option in the popup menu).
* Smooth the cut brush (see lesson 2: smooth the contours of a surface).
* Optimize the selection, which removes as many transparent pixels as possible around the brush.

* The Display option is used to cut your brush through the visible layers. This is referred to as deep cut. Below, the sun, cloud and sky are placed on three different layers. The current layer is the cloud layer:

Area to be cutBrush obtained without deep cutBrush obtained with deep cut

* With the Keep option you may keep all the previous brush tool parameters (refer to the following section to study the various parameters available). So if this parameter is not set, the new brush tool parameters will be initialized with their default values.

* The Brush Smooth option is only accessible if the Keep parameter is not set, otherwise the previous Smooth value of the brush tool will be used for theBrush Smooth. Activating this option will create a brush with all of the default options except the Smooth one that will be Medium. The following section will explain all of the options of the Brush tool