The Tool Preset panel

The Tool Preset panel is one of the custom panel present when you start the program for the first time. You will find that panel in the right drawer. Although relatively basic at first sight, this panel is also very useful to store your brushes thanks to the last two buttons it contains.

The button is used to grab the current tool and place it in the panel to the right of the two buttons. An icon is automatically created according to the tool to be used.

The button fulfils the same function as the first except that it grabs the tool together with the A and B colors active when the tool was grabbed.
Once you grab a tool with or without its colors, the current paper, the parameters and the connection profiles are taken into account. It is then possible to create and store more realistic drawing tools.

Now all you have to do is click on the icon of the tool grabbed in order to use it again. This proves extremely practical when you have specific drawing habits !

The Tool Preset panel, as its name suggests, contains numerous predefined pencils, pens, painting brushes...

Even if this panel is included with TVPaint Animation, the Tool Preset is a custom panel. It means it a panel that you can create by yourself ! You are also free to create new panels for each type of tool and to save your favorite brushes which are easily identifiable !

This quick initiation to custom panels will allow us to continue this lesson on the creation and management of these panels.