Create the texture

We will now see the last option in and Texturize our animations.

By combining the Warp and Papers or brush tools technologies, TVPaint Animation will let you have textures moving with your animations, instead of animations moving in textures !

It is very important that the texture(s) you wish to use have the same size as your project's.

They don't need to fill the whole workspace, but the files must have the same dimensions as the project. Textures can be created directly in your project, or be increased oh shrinked to have the correct dimensions.

You especially need to create a texture large enough in function of the area you wish to texture (clothes, skin, hair, etc..), to cover the color(s) used on the different instances of the animation.

In the Bob project, we can put a texture on the character's scarf. By looking at the 16 instances, we notice that this cloth has been animated with lot of movement. Therefore, we will need a quite large texture so that there is not any missing texture on any of the drawings.

To create this texture, we can use a tool like the Filled Rectangle with a Paper chosen in the Paper Panel (see lesson 2 if necessary).
By creating a new Animation Layer above the character's Layers, we will be able to see where and when create the appropriate area.

One drawing will be enough. Once created, we will be able to export this texture (see lesson 9 for more details about the Export modes).

We advise you to give it an explicite name, for security and easiness reasons.

This texture can be stored in the Library (lesson 2). The Animation layer used to create the texture can be deleted or moved below oher layers in the Timeline, and deactivated.