Fill inside

Another way to fill your drawings does exist, through filled shapes, just like Filled stroke. This option is called Fill inside.

This feature allows you to quickly fill a drawing zone. It is really useful, especially when you want to fill a complex drawing with a lot of little stroke, like the drawing below, made with a pencil tool.

By creating a new layer below the Drawing layer and by choosing some parameters of Filled stroke, we will have then the possibility to fill all the drawing (the red HUD visible in the image below)...

… and so, fill inside the drawing very quickly.

The feature proposed are very similar to the ones met in the Floodfill tool. Only the function Include lines is a little different. This option allows you to include or not the lines in the colorization. Below, you will see an example of colorization, without the lines.

Once you have finished coloring your Running Kid, you may add shadows to the latter using the toonshading effects discussed in lesson 13.

ToonshadingToonshadingDrop Shadow