The drawing tool panel : Bin tab

Two tabs are available for each drawing tool: the Options tab you have already seen, and the Bin tab.

Regardless of the tool you are using, you may save the settings applied (Size, Power, Opacity, Angle, Profile, Connections, Gradient, Mode, etc.) in order to use them again later.

Right click on the empty area of the Bin tab to Put (the) Current Brush to save it. In that case, a miniature of your brush appears under the tab. You can also erase the saved brushes by clicking on Clear and reset to default.

The numbers next to the brushes indicate the number of images of an animated brush or the size of a regular brush.

Right clicking on a brush allows you to:
* Clone the current brush in the bin
* Get the brush you just clicked on as your current brush
* Swap the current brush with the one you just clicked on
* Rename (the) Brush
* Delete the brush from the bin
* Clear and reset (the brushes) to default

Your settings are saved if you normally quit the software. If you savagely quit the TVPaint Animation, your brushes will be lost. That's why we advise your to use custom panels (see lesson 11).