The Special brush

The special brush is divided into several modes and works differently according to the drawing mode selected.

It shifts the image pixels:
* uniformly in Smear mode (by default),
* digressively in Shift mode,
* digressively by adding color (the A color by default) in Mixer mode ,
* by taking into account the spare image pixels in Impressionist mode
* uniformly by adding color (the A color by default) in Color Smear mode

Below you will see the results of the first four modes (each line was drawn from left to right) : Color Smear (the A color is in red), Mixer mode (the A color is in red), Shift mode, Smear

The Impressionist mode requires a spare image in order to work (see at the end of this lesson). When drawing a line in this drawing mode, the current image is deleted in order to make place for a spare image and the latter is smeared in the direction of the line drawn.

This creates quite an eye-catching effect when working with a small tool and with « dotted » Profiles and a Ratio close to 0% (see Special brush panel below).

When required, the current image used as spare image may also provide a very original artistic effect.

Opposite an illustration in Impressionist mode with parameters panel together with the current image = Spare image.

(The use of the spare images is explained further)