The Healing drawing mode

This feature is also available in the Shape settings panel (menu Windows > Drawing or a right click on one of the buttons in the Main Panel).

The Healing drawing mode is an image-editing tool. It will certainly interest some users who want to improve their photography.
I works like an enhanced pantograph : it allows to reproduce the texture and the global illumination of a reference area, and preserve the color data.

In the examples below, two wounds of a photographed hand have been corrected by using the Healing mode with the airbrush tool. The pantograph mode on the right doesn't give good results, with similar settings.

Below, the source picture and two fingers that will be retouched.

Source picture with the reference area (black cross)Corrected picture with the Healing modeCorrected picture with the Pantograph mode

With a bit of practice, it could be easy for you to remove the wrinkles of your photographs.

The face with wrinklesThe same face with the wrinkles removed

Please note that the reference area can be located on a different picture than the current one. The reference area can be the background, the displayed picture, the current image, the previous image, a paper or an image copied into the spare.

It is therefore possible to fake your photographs : here below, some scars have been added to the skin by using this fissured wall picture as reference layer.

The same face with scars addedThe reference picture for the Healing tool