The Panto drawing mode

The Panto mode is used to reproduce, by translation of the vector of the X,Y coordinates, all sections of the layer (the X,Y values being those present in the Shape settings panel).

This feature is located in the menu Windows > Drawing > Shape settings. You can also open this panel with a right click on any button from the Main Panel. By holding your left click on one of any shapes in this main panel, you will find this panel Shape Settings at every bottom.

It is possible to interactively define the X,Y values using the Set button (keyboard shortcut [Shift+P]) of the Shape setting panel (drawing a segment on the screen will determine the X and Y values).

E.g. for X= -200 and Y= -150 you will obtain, after having used the penbrush to draw a line around the cloud above the tree (corresponding to the diagram below) :

Here are the steps to use the panto mode correctly :

1) first, use the RMB on main panel tools and set the vector X and Y (set values or click on the Set button and draw the vector on your project).

2) choose a drawing tool like Airbrush and set drawing mode Panto in the popup menu under the drawing tools icons.

3) on your project you have two cursors. One simple for the source and another with preview for the destination. Pixels under the first one are copied under the second one with the settings of the current tools.

By changing the Source option in the Shape settings panel, the pixels used, under the source cursor, will be the ones which are in the selected Source.

The image to clone can be:
* The current one.
* The previous image of the current layer.
* The next image of the current layer.
* The displayed image of the project (like in the previous example).
* The selected paper (opposite).
* The image provided by the spare.

An example with the source set to paper.