The Shade and Light drawing modes

As their names speak for themselves, these drawing modes require almost no additional explanation. They are used to darken or brighten the opaque areas of the image where you draw your line.

Just note that the higher the Power and Opacity of the drawing tool, the more the drawing carried out in these modes will approach opaque white or opaque black.

In this example, we used the Airbrush tool with a power of 100% and an opacity of 17%.

Airbrush tool in Shade modeAirbrush tool in Light mode

If the chosen background is white or black, do not confuse the Erase mode with these two modes : the modes Shade and Light modify the color of the pixels, whereas the Erase mode modifies their opacity.

The Darken only and Lighten only drawing modes

Darken only darken pixels lighter than A color.

Darken only with dark blueDarken only with kaki

On the other side, lighten only lighten pixels darker than A color.

Lighten only with dark blueLighten only with kaki