Some exceptions

Even if almost all the panels in TVPaint Animation can be dropped inside the Drawers, there are some exceptions like : the Project window, the Timeline window, the Light Table and the FX Stack, and some others ...

* The Light Table, the Share manager and the FX Stack are always floating panels. They can not be re-stretched on the standard width of the Drawers without an important loss of their user-friendliness.

* The Timeline window can not be inside the Drawers but can interact with them.

This window can be a floating one or a window fixed at the bottom of the TVPaint Animation window. (The fixed window is recognizable with the unique button in its top right corner)

Fixed Timeline Window Floating timeline
Fixed Timeline WindowFloating Timeline Window

To change the fixed window into the floating window, double click on the window's title bar.

To change the floating window into the fixed window, click on the pin in the top right corner of the timeline window.

If it is fixed at the bottom, an option becomes available like in the Drawers. It is the faculty to hide out when the cursor is not over the Timeline window. Like in the Drawers, This option is the pin on the top right corner of the Timeline window.

The timeline can hide out

* The Project window, when it is maximized, fills always all the empty area left by the two Panel Bins and the Timeline window.

Below, there are some examples of this behavior :

Project window with Panel Bins and Timeline Project window with Timeline window
Project window with Drawers and TimelineProject window with Timeline window

Project window with Drawers Only Project window
Project window with DrawersOnly Project window