At any time, a help function referred to as Tooltip is available in TVPaint Animation. Move the cursor over the icon for which you wish to obtain information (without clicking on it) and a brief description of the function of the icon you are pointing at will appear together with any associated keyboard shortcut.

Opposite you will find the description corresponding to the Stroke tool. If you wish to reduce the content of the InLine help or prevent it from appearing on the screen entirely, the corresponding options are available in the Help menu.

You can disable these Tooltips in the corresponding menu :
- entirely by clicking on None
- partially by clicking on Short (you will only have the name of the tool, without any explanation)

By choosing Full, you will be able to enable it back.

TVPaint Animation's help

This gives you a direct access to TVPaint Développement's website and to the online documentation.

If you are not connected to internet, you will have the documentation in HTML format.

What's new in this version...

This is a link that allows you to read the Newsletter dedicated to the new features of the latest available version of TVPaint Animation

Online support

This link will send you directly to our Forum.
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You will have a direct link to our Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook pages. Read them to follow our news!

Check for Updates...

This option allows you to check directly on TVPaint Développement's website if there is an update for your software. If your version is outdated, you will be allowed to download the latest version. Lock and Unlock codes are needed to perform this operation.

About TVPaint Animation

This section provides information about the program :

* name of TVPaint members
* name of beta-testers
* date of creations
* serial and licence number
* copyrights