The General Tab

The General tab

The General tab indicated above is composed of several sections.

- The first section Language is used to select the language the user wishes to use. At present, the user may choose between French, English and Japanese.

If you wish to change the language, a pop-up will will inform you that you need to restart TVPaint Animation to apply this change.

- The second section Keyboard shortcutss is used to attribute keyboard shortcuts to almost all icons functions and menu options.


To create your own shortcuts, click on the Configure button in the second section. The window above then appears.
You probably have noticed that when a Tooltip help window appears, many tools, options, drawing modes, etc, already have associated keyboard shortcuts : don't hesitate to change them if they don't suit you. Any modification in that panel will cause a modification in the a Tooltip help window.

Changing the shortcuts is really a piece of cake :
1. Pick a TVPaint Animation function from the right hand column, which lists all TVPaint Animation functions available to be associated with a keyboard shortcut.
2. Pick an unused keyboard shortcut from the left hand column, which lists all keyboard shortcuts and shows whether or not they are free to be assigned.
3. Click on the Assign button.

To assign a sequence of functions to a shortcut, you need to :
1. Pick a function from the right hand column.
2. Pick the desired shortcut from the left hand column.
3. Click on Assign.
4. Pick another function from the right hand column.
5. Hold down CTRL and click on assign at the same time. You'll see that the second function is added on the first.
6. Repeating steps 4 and 5, you can add multiple functions to one shortcut. When you use the shortcut, the commands will be executed in the order they were added.


* The Unassign function is used to remove the connection between a function and a keyboard combination.

The list of all keyboard shortcuts is called a keymap. You can save or load different keymaps, clear the current keymap or reset TVP to the default keymap by using the options in the File drop-down menu, located in the upper left hand corner of the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts window.

Keyboard shortcuts are also accessible via the Edit > Shortcuts menu or with the [Ctrl+K] key.

- The third section, Temp Directory, is used to define a directory in which temporary TVPaint Animation files may be stored.
* This directory may be modified using the associated text field or using the Set button (a file navigator window then opens).
* The temporary files contain data related to the current TVPaint Animation session. Data related to your animations is also stored here (for example, the various stages of your work necessary for correct operation of the Undo and Redo options).

The faster the data storage device on which your temporary files are stored, the faster TVPaint Animation will work. Always ensure this storage device has sufficient available storage capacity.

Inexperienced users are not advised to change the default location

- The fourth section, Tablet, offers options specific to your hardware and operating system.

Tablet and wintab

* Windows/Linux : Windows and Linux users can enable or disable the Sub-Pixel mode for future drawings. This is in direct relation with the capabilities of your hardware and, more precisely, with your graphic tablet if you are using one (we strongly recommend it !).

All the latest models of Wacom® tablets supports the in Sub-Pixel mode, i.e. the tabler precision is greater than one pixel on the screen. Enabling this function when suitable hardware is used will allow you to use TVPaint Animation drawing tools with a precision greater than one pixel !

If your hardware does not support this function, tabler management may be negatively affected (drift between the true position and the position of the cursor on the screen, for example), and will deliver results considerably different to those expected, in particular if you work with a TabletPC or double-screen configuration.
We therefore recommend you check the compatibility of your hardware to benefit fully from this function.

The Wintab option, when enabled, allows you to use Wacom® drivers installed on your computer. If you are using another kind of tablet, based on the Windows' Ink drivers, you can disable the Wintab option.

The OpenGL option for Mac OSX (32-bits)

* Mac OS X (32-bits only) : there is an additional OpenGL option. When this option is checked, it is OpenGL which displays all the interface of TVPaint Animation instead of QuickDraw.

The OpenGL option for Mac OSX (32-bits)

* That section also holds the Stroke Animator option. With this option selected, one can draw across a series of instances by holding down the CTRL key while moving the stylus across the project drawing space. By choosing the Free Dot Hand mode while drawing with a brush (simultaneously holding down the CTRL key) you can constrain TVPaint to draw the brush only one time per instance, creating an animation that follows a realtime path.

This feature will be explained in details in lesson 5.

- The section Barbecue, once checked, will use your computer's resources at a maximum level. You should avoid it if:
* you are using a portable device in which case your battery life will really poor.
* you are using other resource hungry software, resulting in crash risks.