The Interface tab

The Interface tab

- The first section Color scheme of this tab may be used to modify the program interface colors.
The default colors used in TVPaint Animation are light gray in order not to interfere with the colors used in your projects. However, you are of course free to modify these colors as you wish.

* The first popup menu lets you quickly select a set of predefined colors for the interface.
* The second lets you select the element for which you wish to modify the color (buttons, text selected, sliders, etc). To the left of each element name, you will find a little colored box which shows the current color of the element. Simply click on this box and then select any color on the screen to be assigned to this element.

* The Open and Save options allows you to store interface parameters
* The Highlight mini-slider, the Border and Mirror options give a new gradient look.

Example of some variation of the interface parameters Example of some variation of the interface parameters Example of some variation of the interface parameters

* The Open and Save options allows to share the interface settings.
* The Reset button is used to return to the colors present when your configuration was loaded.

- The second section, Resolution scaling, allows you to increase up to three times the size of your interface. This option is especially useful for Android users.

The Locked windows visibility option allows you to highlight some panels and other dialog windows, like the Preferences, Export to, Publish, Save as...
The other parts of the interface will then become darker to highlight this panel, and that you will need to validate or cancel your action to be back to normal

You can obviously disable this option by choosing None.
You also have the choice between a blur, a mosaic, a background, brighter or darker.
The numeric field Power allows you to adjust this option.

- The third section starts with the Tooltips option allowing you to choose the way TVPaint’s tooltips will be displayed (with Short or Full descriptions) and if you want them to appear or not (None).

- The Cursor parameter allows you to choose the Style of your cursor. The last one is specially made for left-handed persons.

- The File requester option is used to select which type of file requester is to be used. By default, it will be your operating system's one, but you can also choose the one specific to TVPaint Animation.

Below you will find examples of TVPaint Animation specific as well as standard Windows, Mac OSX and Linux file requesters.

TVPaint interface Windows interface
TVPaint interfaceWindows interface
Mac interface Linux interface
Mac OSX interfaceLinux interface

The TVPaint Animation file requester is common to many software packages developed by TVPaint Développement and is present in your program regardless of your specific operating system.

* The Never confirm button, when ticked, cancels the confirmation request which normally appears when a file is deleted or rewritten.

* Check the George Alert: tv_WriteTextFile box to disable any warning pop-up that might appear when a script modifies files on your computer.

* You can activate the Force embed dependencies option if you want to make a warning pop-up appear in case you deactivate the Preload and Import Audio options when importing a file from an external source.