The Memory & Cache tab

The Memory & Cache tab

This tab first displays the physical memory available on your computer.

* Just below this field you will find a numeric field and mini-slider next to it. This field is used to attribute the amount of memory you require for the Undo option which allows you to "return" to and undo the previous steps when drawing on the screen. The higher this value, the "further back" you may go. However, this default value is largely sufficient.

* TVPaint Animation uses the physical memory of your computer and one or several temporary files as discussed in the General tab.
You may want to allow TVPaint Animation to manage this function automatically or impose a maximum cache size to be used (this may be useful if you are working simultaneously with several programs demanding a large storage capacity).

With regard to this point, it should be noted that TVPaint Animation manages operating systems using over 3,2 Gigabytes of physical memory (for 64bits versions).