The "Rooms" concept

Now we have seen how to manage and optimize the position of all the panels in the software. Why not apply the concept to several virtual software windows, to still improve the workflow.

This is called the Rooms concept, and we will see how this idea has grown up.

To create an animation, several steps must be respected, the sketch, the inking, the compositing, ... , and each step needs its own tools, panels, shortcuts, ... . It is as simple as that ! Each step doesn't need to display all the panels, like during the compositing, there is no need to keep the Main or the Tool panels open for example.

The rooms are accessible in the right side of the info bar

As viewed earlier in this lesson, all the Rooms are easily accessible in the right side of the Info Bar or with the main menu View > Rooms. There are four Rooms which are totally customizable.

They are easily accessible on the right of the Infobar by clicking and holding on Room 1 or in the menu Views > Rooms

The icon will allow you to Rename, Load or Save your rooms.