Search Engine

Introduced in TVPaint Animation 11, the Search engine lets you look for opened projects, clips in all projects and layers in the current project.

The notion of clips and layers will be explained in the following lessons.

Accessible via Ctrl+F or via the Windows > Others > Search main menu, this is what the panel looks like :

Type what you are looking for in the Search panel, and the Search engine will look for it in real time.
Let's open the three following projects (found in the Contents and Examples folder available on the DVD) : Lilly, Bob and John. Once the projects are open, open the Search panel. Let's say that you want to look for the textures layers of the Lilly project, so type texture in the search field. You will notice that once you have typed a character, the search panel instantly looks for something :

You have typed t, so the engine looks for everything containing the letter t, whether it be the opened projects, clips in all projects, or layers in current project. The more characters you type, the more precise the results will be :

Move your cursor towards the desired result and click on it : the selected layer (in that case) will become the current layer :

You can also select a result that is not on the current project. In our example, the current project is Lilly, and we will select a clip that is on the John project.