Move a window

If for some reason you wish to move a window, this is done by simply clicking and holding the mouse button down on the title bar and then dragging it to the required location.

Close, minimize or maximize a window

On Windows, Mac and Linux, three buttons are present on most of panels and windows.

Close the project or the panel Close the project's window or the panel
Maximize / Minimize the project's window Maximize / Minimize the project's window Maximize/Minimize the project's window
Collapse / Uncollapse the project's window or the panel : Collapse / Uncollapse the project's window or the panel : Collapse/Uncollapse the project's window or the panel

The size of some windows, the Timeline for example, may be adjusted: it is possible to adjust their size with precision by clicking on one of the edges, holding the mouse button down and dragging.

Some useful shortcuts regarding the project window are:
- [CTRL + W] or [CMD + W] to close the project's window (without closing the project).
- [Shift + W] to close a project.
- [M] to duplicate the window's project (attention, this manipulation is visible only if your window's project is minimized)

Sliders and mini-sliders

A slider A mini-slider

The element above on the left is referred to as a slider. It is located horizontally under some windows (in particular under the current project window) or vertically next to these windows.

Slide the rectangle left or right (on horizontal sliders) or up and down (on vertical sliders) to view the content of the window with which the slider is associated, either up and down or left and right.

As you have already guessed : the element on the right is a mini-slider which may be used to change the numeric value or percentage next to it by left clicking and sliding the mouse left or right on the double arrow.

When sliding the mouse on a mini-slider, press and hold the right button to accelerate movement.

Alphanumeric fields

Each time you rename a layer, project, effect or other element, you will be asked to enter a text in this type of window. Click on OK to confirm the name change or click on Cancel

The standard keyboard shortcuts : [Ctrl+X] (cut), [Ctrl+C] (copy), [Ctrl+V] (paste),[Ctrl+A] (select all), [Ctrl+Z] (cancel) are valid in all alphanumeric fields (note that these shortcuts are valid for Windows and Linux. On Mac computers the user presses the [Cmd] key instead of [Ctrl]).
When required, they are accessible with a right click on the concerned field.

Progress bar

A progress bar Sometimes application of an effect with TVPaint Animation requires a certain amount of processing time. If your computer is carrying out such an operation, the progress bar appears to inform you of the progress of this operation.

If required, the [Esc] key may be used to stop the operation in progress.